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It may be surprising how a leather craft workshop like WOTANCRAFT waited till now to come up with a leather key chain item. After all, it is such a simple daily gadget, what could possibly go wrong?

The truth is, our artisans have always been creating key chains for their own personal use, so we've had quite a number of prototypes, but we never really had a satisfying design that "felt right" for us, both functionally and aesthetically.

So eventually, yeah, you can say that it took us over 8 years to design a leather key chain. And here it is.




It's so straight forward: mounting the key chain to the belt loop on your pants / jeans. It is the sum of our own personal experience after we've tried out various key chain designs.

We have two assumption in mind. One, when you get home, you have a key tray to throw the small everyday objects into. Two, you'd like to minimize the number of items in your pockets, to keep a tapered outfit silhouette.

When you have those habits like we do, having a key chain design that quickly attaches and detaches can come in handy.



With the 6cm leather tab extension and the 360 degrees rotating buckle pivot, you can extend the key chain to the door knob and open the door without having to detach it from the belt, when the height of the key hole accommodates.



We have a stud buckle mechanism that allows you to remove the key ring, without having to grind your keys against the overlapping metal rings.



This helps us quickly switch our set of keys onto a different leather tab, so that we have an appropriate match to our daily outfit. Or an even more simple concept: to match the key chain leather to your WOTANCRAFT watch strap.

(If you wish to customize the key chain to a different leather type, feel free to make inquiries with the WRITE TO US link at the bottom of this page)




The camouflage version key chain uses Italian vegetable tanned leather, one can tell from the texture gloss that this leather article is high quality, only oil enriched leather can reveal such subtle sheen, common leather with spray painted sheen simply can't match it.



This leather adapts the traditional "pure aniline dye", minimizing the after-treatment to better preserve a delicate hand feel.

When the aniline leather is bent, the grease between the leather fibers get pushed around, causing the surface to exhibit color differences and creases, which adds to the vintage look of the leather.



The rugged "tar black" leather edge finish is WOTANCRAFT's signature vintage treatment. First sealing the fiber edges with edge paint, and then repeatedly applying black wax then burning it in with heated iron, to the point where the surface of the waxed edge is smooth and refined.

Even with a small accessory object such as the key chain, we choose to maintain the same extent of WOTAN-CRAFTSMANSHIP and style consistency that can be seen in our watch strap creations.



vegetable tanned cowhide leather
high-strength zinc alloy & brass hardware


Package include:
keychain x1


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