Dualcoat Water Repellent Nylon 500D Canvas


To empower Wotancraft bags with weather resistant capabilities, we have launched the newly developed “Dualcoat Water Repellent Nylon 500D Canvas” in 2024.


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Top and bottom sides of the canvas are both laminated for water resistance, the topside has applied water repellant Teflon ® coating, and the bottom PU coating is certified for 2000mm water column (twice the score compared to Wotancraft’s previous canvas spec of 1000mm water column). This makes Wotancraft’s latest canvas fabric on par with specs of outdoor tent canvas, allowing Wotancraft bags to effectively prevent water from entering, and safeguard your precious camera gear.






Enhanced Strength & Durability


The strength of fabric comes from the density of the yarn, which is organized in the interweaving warp and weft. Take Wotancraft’s previous choice of fabric, the “Cordura Nylon” for example, the filament count of warp and weft yarn is 45 and 23, respectively, which is enough to tackle most heavy duty usage.

The new nylon fabric that Wotancraft has developed bumps the warp and weft filament count up to 45 and 45, making our new fabric stronger and tougher, a reassuring choice for utilitarian needs.

After the new fabric was developed, we worked with prominent photographers such as Alex Wander, Justin Mott, Piotr Ma, and Bigheadtaco to help with field testing new bags made with the upgraded canvas, to make sure that Wotancraft bags perform well under the harsh and polarizing conditions such as the jungle, desert and snow.






bluesign ® Certified

The fabric that Wotancraft uses is compliant with EU bluesign ® certification.

bluesign ® certification is an environmentally friendly standard established by EU academic, industrial, environmental, and consumer organizations, offering certification to textile brands and products to validate their endeavors towards EHS (Environment, Health, Safety) preservation through responsible manufacturing.

Wotancraft continues to strive toward functional and aesthetic excellence while making our environment a better place.



Since our establishment in 2009, Wotancraft has been renowned for its dedication towards “product durability”, so that adventurers wearing a Wotancraft bag can focus on their journey in the company of a trustworthy partner.



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