World's First Double-Sided Add-on Pocket Module Bag for Brompton

Inspirations come from everyday surroundings


When riding a Brompton, most carrier bags have their water bottle fitted on the back of the bag for easy access, but have you ever wondered “What if I wanted to detach the carrier bag from the frame and take the bag for a walk?”

To achieve a comfortable to carry Brompton bag, Wotancraft designer Albert Y. came up with the world’s first Add-on Pocket Module Brompton carrier bag.


“Birth of the PILOT”







Up till now,
Wotancraft’s Best Module System Bag


“1 + 2 Add-on Module System Bag for for different scenarios”


By integrating WWII tactical MOLLE concepts to the design, Albert Y. has come up with the new Add-on Module System PILOT Bag for Brompton’s front carrier frame. With the help of YKK quick-release buckles, module pockets can be taken off and installed to the strap loops located on the front and back of the bag in a blink of an eye.



Transform the PILOT Travel Camera Bag into a carrier bag simply by detaching the front pockets and installing them on the back of the bag. This way, access to your important belongings and water bottle will be made much easier.

Other than that, by attaching a shoulder strap to the Add-on Pockets, they could also be used as individual sling bags, convenient for strolling around when stationed at a certain location during a bike journey.







The Lighter the Better


“PILOT for BROMPTON - Light on the shoulders & on the bike”


In the 2022 upgraded Brompton for Pilot, we added the Fidlock and Quick-Adjust Shoulder Strap as standard features so that users could have a smoother experience when using the Pilot bags.

No matter commuting on a bike or by transportation, who wouldn’t like to carry a lesser load? Wotancraft has taken this into consideration and kept the PILOT just under 900g, allowing a more delightful journey for you.


“How does the PILOT for BROMPTON Series achieve such lightweight?”


Built entirely from lightweight CORDURA ®, the PILOT’s canvas is at least 60% thinner than traditional canvas, 50% lighter, 10 times more durable and also tear-resistant.

Also, by reducing the use of leather and switching metal accessories to “Duraflex Accessories” (also used by Columbia / Patagonia / Mystery Ranch / Lululemon), furthers the weight reduction of the bag, leaving precious room to carry more gear.







CORDURA® Waxed Canvas



“Water Repellent, Anti-Tear & Lightweight”


For the love of the canvas, early Wotancraft bags were built from traditional waxed canvas. However, due to the bulkiness of traditional canvas, Wotancraft has developed a new lightweight CORDURA Ⓡ Waxed Canvas. Presented as cotton-like fabric, the new CORDURA Ⓡ canvas is soft and durable, unlike ordinary CORDURA Ⓡ that has a plastic-like texture.

Wotancraft’s CORDURA ® 500D Waxed Canvas is 50% lighter than traditional waxed canvas and is coated with Teflon and PU Laminated Interior Coating to repel rain from seeping into the bag.

With use, WOTANCRAFT waxed CORDURA ® bags will develop light shaded scuff marks, similar to the “fading” effect you find on raw denim pants. Even with the lack of leather and metal accessories, the PILOT still inherits Wotancraft’s “Vintage Soul” vibe.


CLICK HERE to learn more about CORDURA ®



For more images and details of the PILOT Bag for Brompton, click on “Features & Specs”.



2022 Pilot for Brompton Upgrade


Feel the Smoothness in Action

Designer Albert Y. designed the Pilot's usage based on human instincts. Adding the FIDLOCK and new Quick-Adjust Shoulder Strap System only increases the smoothness when in action.

※ The 2022 version is optimized for the BROMPTON frame. The top opening of the back panel is canceled, making it smoother when turning the handles.







World's First Double-Sided Add-on Pocket Module System Bag for Brompton

The bag has 2 vertical loop strips on the front and 2 on the back. When ready to ride, the pocket modules can be transferred from the front to the back of the bag, allowing easy access to the pockets.



Organize your gear freely with the help of Add-ons and Interior Pocket Modules

Other than outer add-on pocket modules, interior modules also help you prepare for different scenarios.

※ CLICK HERE for optional Interior Modules



Padded just like professional camera bags

Built with an interior padded with thick shock-resistant padding, the PILOT ensures the safety of your precious gear even on bumpy roads.




Specially designed by Wotancraft, the Zipperless Lid + “Triangular Side Flaps” allows the lid to be flipped all the way to the back of the bag, making it easy to access the main compartment. When closed, the side flaps on the lid prevent rainwater from seeping into the bag and avoids small accessories from falling out of the gaps







Suitable for BROMPTON Front Carrier Frame for Shoulder Bag (not included, click "OPTIONAL COMBO" to order separately)
Frame specs 35 x 22cm / 13.7 x 8.6 inch (W x H)



Exterior (W x D x H)
40 x 16 x 28 cm / 15.7 x 6.2 x 11 inch



Main Compartment (W x D x H)
38 x 11 x 24 cm / 14.9 x 4.3 x 9.4 inch


  • Dividers included
  • Interior Module compatible
  • Able to fit 1 body + 3 lenses with laptop divider removed



13 Inch Laptop Divider
36 x 22.5 cm / 14.1 x 8.8 inch



Front Zipper Pocket
27 x 23 cm / 10.6 x 9 inch



Net Pocket within Front Zipper Pocket
14 x 16.5 cm / 5.5 x 6.4 inch x2



Hidden Zipper Pocket
20 x 16 cm / 7.8 x 6.2 inch



500ml Water Bottle Side Pockets (1 on each side)
19 x 17 cm / 7.4 x 6.6 inch



Front 6 Slot Vertical Loop Strip x 2
2.4cm / 0.9 inch wide strips
Each loop has a 3 cm / 1.18 inch opening


This product already includes 2 Add-on Pocket Modules



Front 3 Slot Vertical Loop Strip x 2
2.4cm / 0.94 inch wide strips
Each loop has a 3 cm / 1.18 inch opening


This product already includes 2 Add-on Pocket Modules



Quick Release Tripod Straps x2 (located on the bottom)
Can be adjusted between 10-20 cm / 3.9-7.8 inch in length for different size tripods


Easy to adjust strap length. Can fit tripods within a 27cm / 10.6 inch diameter (such as the Peak Design Travel Tripod)



Adjustable Shoulder Strap
74 ~ 141 cm / 29.1 ~ 55.5 inch



Weight (including shoulder strap & 2 pouch modules)
with dividers ± 1.40 kg / 3 lbs
without dividers ± 1.15 kg / 2.5 lbs





Nylon 6,6 yarn Cordura ® 500D tear-proof waxed canvas(CLICK HERE to see more)

Ultra-strength bonded Nylon 6,6 thread

Medical grade durable micro-fiber lining, less likely to fuzz after Velcro attachments

Cotton fabric liner

Duraflex Swivel Snap Hook

High-density EVA foam padding (bag and dividers)

Neoprene Scuba Fabric (shoulder padding)

YKK water resistant zipper



Package include


main bag x1

laptop divider x1

velcro divider L size(with lid) x2

velcro divider L size(without lid) x1

detachable shoulder strap x1

detachable shoulder pad x1

drawstring pouch x1

zipper pouch x1

dustproof bag x1


※This product does NOT include the carrier frame. You can order one via "OPTIONAL COMBO")


Q & A


Q: Is there warranty to Wotancraft bags?


A: All Wotancraft products have a 3-year warranty period (“CLICK HERE” for more details).



Q: What is the difference between the “PILOT 10L and this bag?”


A: They are basically identical, except the Brompton version canceled the back pocket in order to fit on the Brompton Carrier Frame.



Q: Does this bag come with a Brompton Carrier Frame?


A: No. You can purchase one in the “OPTIONAL COMBO” area or from Brompton.



Q: What size carrier frame can this bag fit on?


A: This bag is only suitable for BROMPTON Front Carrier Frame for Shoulder Bag.



Q: Can this bag be installed on other bikes?


A: No, this bag is designed specifically for Brompton.



Q: Will the bag swing around during a ride?


A: As long as the bag is installed correctly onto a BROMPTON Front Carrier Frame for Shoulder Bag, it will sit tightly on the bike frame.



Q: Are there any other sizes for this bag?


A:  Yes, there is a 7L version. Please Click Here for details.



Q: Can the laptop divider fit a 13” laptop?


A: With the divider, the Pilot can hold a 13” MacBook Pro. Please check if your laptop is within 36 x 22.5cm / 14.1 x 8.8 inch before purchasing.



Q: How many bodies and lenses can the Pilot 10L hold?


A: Without the laptop divider, the Pilot 10L can hold a full frame body + 3 lenses.



Q: Can the Pilot 10L fit a full frame DSLR with a battery grip?


A: Yes, it can hold a full frame Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with a battery grip.



Q: Can this bag fit a drone?


A: Yes, it can fit up to a DJI Mavic foldable drone, but not a DJI Phantom.



Q: Is this bag waterproof?


A: No. but it is water-resistance. The interior remains dry even under heavy rain.

CLICK HERE for more details of the water-resistance fabric.



If you have any questions regarding the ordering process at WOTANCRAFT, click here for more details.

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