Whole Cut Leather Design

By choosing the "Whole Cut" method similar to traditional hand-sewn leather shoes, Wotancraft Leather Neck/Wrist Straps are made from an entire piece of vegetable tanned leather through only one cut. Not only using fewer stitches, but the main purpose of the “Whole Cut” technic is to present the beauty of leather grains and texture in the most natural and simplest way possible.

You must be wondering, why are so few brands on the market making camera straps with this method?


In order to make a perfect neck/wrist strap from a single cut, especially for neck straps, requires the entire length of a complete piece of leather from end to end. Craftsmen must dodge all leather imperfections, and strictly select the perfect area to execute a flawless cut to craft the most ideal camera neck/wrist straps. These straps are relatively rare to find on the market due to their high and demanding requirements.



Choosing The Best Connectors That Suit You

If you are into details, the Japan made “CURA Plated Brass Split Rings" are a suitable pick. Polished for more than 20 hours, assuring that each individual ring has an extremely smooth texture to the hand. Through time and use, the rings will gradually reveal their copper layer underneath, giving your camera a retro vibe.

If you are used to interchanging one neck/wrist strap with multiple cameras or need to quickly release the strap in order to fit your camera on a tripod/gimbal, the "Peak Design Anchor Link” would be your best choice.



Rounded Edges

Considering that most photographers will be hanging their camera neck/wrist straps for quite a long period of time, Wotancraft Neck/Wrist Straps are required to go through a burnishing process similar to our iconic Wotancraft watch straps. Leather burnishers are used by experienced craftsmen under precise pressure to ensure that every part of the strap is smooth and comfy, giving photographers the best experience possible.



Saddle Stitching

The “Double Needle/Saddle Stitch” method is applied to the neck/wrist straps. Thick linen threads are used to prevent sweat corrosion and are waxed to avoid frizz. The Hand Sewn Saddle Stitch method is stronger and more reliable compared to machine stitched leather goods. A traditional stitching technique that Wotancraft is proud to present.







Wrist Strap
Length: 20cm / 7.87 inch
Width: 1.3 - 1.8 cm / 0.51 - 0.71 inch (narrowest to widest section)



Maximum Weight Capacity
5kg (11 lbs)

※ Due to the brass material of the ring, sudden and excessive pulling force may cause deformation of the ring.





Vegetable Tanned Leather

0.6 mm Hand Sewn Linen Thread

Copper (CURA Plated Copper Split Rings)



Package Includes


Strap x1

CURA Split Ring x 1 (Fixed to the strap)

Dustproof Bag x1



Q & A


Q: Is there warranty to Wotancraft creations?


A: All Wotancraft products have a 3-year warranty period (“CLICK HERE” for more details).



Q: How do I install the strap to my camera?


Cura Split Rings: Fit the leather part through the eyelet and rotate the ring through the eyelet.

Peak Design Anchor Links: Install the anchor cord through the eyelet, and fit the anchor into the housing.



Q: Is the leather waterproof?


A: No, but it is water repellent for a short while. When water is collected on the leather surface, the water will eventually seep through. Just in case the bag gets wet, please take reference from the next Q & A question “Leather Maintenance”.



Q: How do I maintain the leather parts?


A: “CLICK HERE” for more leather maintenance information.



If you have any questions regarding the ordering process at WOTANCRAFT, click here for more details.

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