With the 3-point stabilization shoulder strap, you can convert any WOTANCRAFT TROOPER bag (or any detachable shoulder strap messenger bag in the market) into a bicycle sling bag, so that you no longer need to worry about bag sliding forward during your bike ride.

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When you are sprinting on a bicycle with your torso leaning down, the body of a shoulder bag can easily slide down to your belly, causing instability. The solution is using an auxiliary strap for 3-point stabilization.

WOTANCRAFT's auxiliary fastener uses thick cowhide leather, with multiple holes for adjusting length, making sure that the auxiliary strap is not too tight or loose. A small hook buckle is attached at the end.

When riding, clip the auxiliary strap to the "stud buckle" on the leather shoulder strap pad.

The auxiliary strap will wrap around the arm, stabilizing the bag to the upper back. This reduces the "bounce" when riding at high speed and the bicycle starts to bump, giving the rider more stability and focus.


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Product specs

Dimensions not including buckles (Width x Depth x Height)
Main strap: 70-100 cm
Auxiliary strap: 36-44 cm

± 0.315 kg

Blended cotton canvas
Vegetable-tanned cowhide
high-strength zinc alloy & brass hardware

Package include:
Shoulder strap x1
Detachable auxiliary strap x1

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