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How to
customize a strap?


What are "bespoke" straps? Why are WOTANCRAFT straps not readily available?


It's easy to make straps with unified specs, for faster production.

However, we believe our customers expect WOTANCRAFT to deliver the "right" strap, and that varies from watch to watch, person to person.


With WOTANCRAFT, you wouldn't have to settle for default specs.


Simply pick the strap style you like, and let us know your watch type (best if you also include a snapshot of your watch on-wrist). WOTANCRAFT will get back to you with our recommended specs that suit "your watch" and "your needs".

If you wish to change anything, let us know. We will quote the price after all details are confirmed.


Customization with WOTANCRAFT is an easy and pleasant experience, try now!






A rare & expensive type of horsehide, don't crease when bent, the surface is smooth and glossy with a marble-like color saturation



Intertwined hand-stitching with thick thread to create the right WOTANCRAFT vintage vibe



The leather edge is first sealed with edge paint for humidity resistance, and then repeatedly layered with iron-heated waxed coating



When you fasten the strap, curved buckle pin prevents the buckle from pressing too hard against the leather



Q & A


Q:  Can I use my own buckle?


A:  Please write to us for customization. The "no-buckle" customized strap is the SAME price as default "sewed-in buckle" strap.


Q:  Does WOTANCRAFT leather strap require maintenance?


A:  If leather strap gets soaking wet, leave it to dry in shaded areas. Do not use detergent to wash leather.

You can wipe the bottom side of the strap with wet wipes to remove sweat, and leave it to dry before wearing.

If you see the leather color becomes darker, this is the natural characteristic of "vegetable-tanned" leather.

The suppleness of leather can be replenished by "mink oil". Rub the mink oil with soft cotton cloth in circle motion, to the point when the leather surface has a glossy sheen, but doesn't feel sticky / greasy.


Q:  Can I customize a WOTANCRAFT strap to mount deployment buckle?


A:  Please bring your watch to WOTANCRAFT showroom for evaluation. Customizing deployment buckle straps will require precise measurements, we do not offer such service on-line.

Reminder: we only customize straps with your original deployment buckle, and we do not use aftermarket deployment buckle.

If you have any questions regarding the ordering process at WOTANCRAFT, click here for more details.
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