From re-creating classic
to creating Legend.


From now on, we write our own history.


Ten years ago, WOTANCRAFT started replicating “Panerai WWII Watch Straps”. Back then, we were just young men that fell in love with Panerai Military watches. Based on historical Panerai archives, we successfully replicated vintage Panerai straps with historic authenticity and a “vintage soul”.

On the 10th anniversary of WOTANCRAFT, we have released the “LEGEND MAKER” strap series, marking the end of our antique strap replicating era, and entering a completely new realm of “nostalgic creativity”.






How to create antique leather straps that “looks right”?


The “LEGEND MAKER” Strap Series still keeps the key elements of an antique Panerai strap: triple-fold leather, distressed look, GPF buckle, long-tail design and hand-stitching with waxed linen thread. We’ve stayed true on these historical craftsmanship details over the past decade, which is what our fellow Paneristi come to appreciate.

But for this series, the antique “vibe” is just as authentic as the antique details.




When you flip over a “Legend MAKER” strap, you will find that the strap is made from light tan vegetable-tanned leather. We kept the strap underside untreated, to demonstrate WOTANCRAFT’s unique “hand-dyed aging” skills. These patina and distressed looks- the “vintage vibe”- ensures that our straps look at least a half a century old, in a way that deserves appreciation.

With a decade’s experience, WOTANCRAFT’s “LEGEND MAKER” straps will appeal to the most scrutinizing vintage watch enthusiasts and Paneristi.



What is the WOTANCRAFT’s secret?


After tens of thousands of handcrafted leather straps over the past 10 years, WOTANCRAFT has developed our secret in-house method to crafting vintage straps.

Full hand-stitch is a must (or shall we say the fundamental basic), to delicately capture the balance between durable manual stitch fastening, and the slight disarray that differentiates warm hands from cold machines.






From “Repeatedly rubbing” to create creases on the leather surface, “Coarsening” the leather for more vibrant dying effect, “Distress detailing” to mimic the gritty dirt within the creases, “Scuffing” the strap edges to bring out the fray, to aging the punch holes to give it a wear and tear appearance… every procedure demands great dedication and aesthetic precision from WOTANCRAFT craftsmen.






These "hand-vintage” processing makes every LEGEND MAKER strap slightly different. And after they are worn, the straps will develop unique tones and gradations, adding your personal vintage flavour to the straps.

The attention to detail comes from our passion and love for antique Panerai. WOTANCRAFT has created the “LEGEND MAKER” for fellow Paneristi to experience the same fascination we have for the rich historic elements of Panerai.






What is a “Triple fold”?


During WWII, military surplus artisans are faced with a question: when stitching the leather strap at the buckle end, folding the leather once (like the tail end) would not fasten "both" the lug end and buckle end sturdy enough.

Having the "triple fold" solves the dilemma, by using a single piece of leather and fold the two ends onto the middle, and performing a box-stitch over 3 layers of leather, one can secure the strap buckle AND the lug bar on watch case, so that the strap wouldn't fall apart too easily under the damaging situation of war.






What is a “G.P.F Buckle”?


Looking at the historical references of antique Panerai watches, you will find the unconventional looking angled buckle, with "GPF - Mod Dep" abbreviated at the backside.

These words stood for "Guido Panerai e Figlio Modello Depositato", which reflect the business involvement of Guido Panerai and Son with Italian Royal Navy before and during WWII, where the company built innovative military equipment including the night-glowing Panerai diving watch.

The geometric look of the GPF buckle has become a part of the Panerai DNA, the resemblance can still be found in more contemporary PAM models. The surface of the buckle is deliberately widened, so that X-MAS commandos could fasten straps wearing their diving gloves.

WOTANCRAFT spent years interacting with vintage Panerai collectors, to have finally found a genuine GPF buckle that we used for reincarnating the most authentic vintage look. From text font to engraving depth, the external silhouette... WOTANCRAFT GPF buckle delivers a nostalgic vibe to the wartime equipment. All the corners and pins are carefully polished until smooth and chamfered to increase comfortability and prevents scraping the wrist.









What is a “Long tail”?


The most distinctive feature of antique Panerai straps used during the war is the "long tail", referring to the lower half of the strap being exceptionally longer than normal watch straps. This characteristic is based on mission requirements, where X-MAS commandos had to wear their Panerai watches outside of their thick Pirelli dive suit sleeves.






My own




Writing your own history.


Whether you’re into hardcore antique style or just wish to add a touch of vintage flavour, the “LEGEND MAKER” series will have an option that suits you. In order to pair with different types of watches, we have designed 7 strap variants, from a more reserved aged tan color to a “hybrid patina” of dark green/ brown/ black.

Choosing a suitable “LEGEND MAKER” strap is just the start. As time passes, the color tone and aging of the leather will gradually deepen. Also, according to your usage habits, the strap will develop its own patina that reflects your characteristic.







WOTANCRAFT’s hand dying and aging process

From creasing, hand-dying to aging the leather, every process is purely done by hand. To achieve the “vintage soul” for Legend Maker straps, these processes highly rely on our craftsmen’s skills, effort, heart, and accurate judgment. Detailed adjustments are made in every process to create the most stunning, yet natural looking hand-dyed aged watch straps.


”Double Needle Saddle Stitching” method

Using 0.6mm thick linen and the traditional “Double Needle Saddle Stitching” method to achieve the handcrafted texture of WOTANCRAFT straps.


Replicating the ”Triple Fold” method

The "triple fold" uses a single piece of leather and fold the two ends onto the middle, and performing a box-stitch over 3 layers of leather, one can secure the strap buckle AND the lug bar on watch case, so that the strap wouldn't fall apart too easily under the damaging situation of war.


G.P.F stainless steal buckle

WOTANCRAFT GPF buckle delivers a nostalgic vibe to the wartime equipment. All the corners and pins are carefully polished until smooth and beveled to increase comfortability and prevents scraping the wrist.




WOTANCRAFT full leather camera holster PYTHON

A (Lug width)

24 or 26mm


B (buckle part length)

75mm(adjusted according to wirst circumference)


C (tail part length)

125mm(adjusted according to wirst circumference)



± 4.5mm





vegetable tanned cowhide 4.5mm thick

11mm keeper x2, 1 fixed, 1 float

0.6mm hand-stitched linen

raw edge finish

G.P.F 316L stainless steel buckle (sewn-in, undetachable)



Package Include


WOTANCRAFT leather watch strap, sealed x1

black soft fiber strap holder x1

S.L.C bottle opener key chain x1


Q:  After I received WOTANCRAFT straps, how to I change my watch strap?


A:  Panerai and Bell&Ross owners should have screw driver tools in their original watchbox.

WOTANCRAFT AppleWatch straps all include "adapters" that can be easily mounted on / removed from AppleWatch.

For other watch brands (eg. Rolex, Omega, IWC), we suggest that you bring WOTANCRAFT straps to your local watch dealer for assistance.



Q:  I have exceptionally large / small wrists, would WOTANCRAFT straps fit me?


A:  Our strap fits wrist circumference 16cm~19cm, if your wrist size falls out of this range, please write to us for customization.



Q:  WOTANCRAFT straps all have thick leather, but I want a thinner strap.


A:  We are able to customize thinner straps, write to us and discuss your preferred thickness.



Q:  I don't see my watch brand listed on your website, can I customize a strap for my watch?


A:  Write to us and provide your: 1) watch brand/type (eg. Rolex Submariner) 2) strap choice (eg. "PATH OF WAR" calligraphy strap), we will get back to you ASAP.



Q:  Can I use my own buckle?


A:  Please write to us for customization. The "no-buckle" customized strap is the SAME price as default "sewed-in buckle" strap.



Q:  Can I customize a WOTANCRAFT strap to mount deployment buckle?


A:  Please bring your watch to WOTANCRAFT showroom for evaluation. Customizing deployment buckle straps will require precise measurements, we do not offer such service on-line.

Reminder: we only customize straps with your original deployment buckle, and we do not use aftermarket deployment buckle.



Q:  Does WOTANCRAFT leather strap require maintenance?


A:  If leather strap gets soaking wet, leave it to dry in shaded areas. Do not use detergent to wash leather.

You can wipe the bottom side of the strap with wet wipes to remove sweat, and leave it to dry before wearing.

If you see the leather color becomes darker, this is the natural characteristic of "vegetable-tanned" leather.

The suppleness of leather can be replenished by "mink oil". Rub the mink oil with soft cotton cloth in circle motion, to the point when the leather surface has a glossy sheen, but doesn't feel sticky / greasy.


If you have any questions regarding the ordering process at WOTANCRAFT, click here for more details.

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