Back in 2015, WOTANCRAFT have launched an original concept bag, which can convert from a hang-clutch sized bag to an amazing 18-Liter large travel luggage.

This bag, an original bag structure designed by Albert Yuan, is called the SPACEJUMPER.


SPACEJUMPER, relaunched.


The SPACEJUMPER sold for a limited period of time, and after it is sold out, calls demanding a re-launch has never ceased over the past two years.

And now, at the year end 2017, the SPACEJUMPER is finally back, with enhancements that take this original design to another level.


convertible 18-litre space.


SPACEJUMPER expand / collapse.


The upper section of the SPACEJUMPER is made of pliable Cordura ® 500D fabric, which can collapse / expand with a simple change of shoulder strap buckling position.


SPACEJUMPER unbuckle expand.


SPACEJUMPER essentials gear fitting.


An 18-litre space capable of fitting travel essentials, with packed bag size conforming to general airline carry-on luggage restrictions (56 x 36 x 23 cm).

The internal width of the convertible space can accommodate 13" laptops, or even 15" if we put SPACEJUMPER's capacity to the test.


Fitting bike / motorcycle helmet into SPACEJUMPER.


Motorcycle / bicycle riders can put their helmet inside the bag when they arrive at destination, and collapse the bag into compact form when they ride.

The top zippered opening (2017 version enhancement) is 41cm wide, which means you get an opening circumference of 82 cm, if you wish to check how the SPACEJUMPER fits your helmet.


alt text


If the weather changes frequently during your travels, you can always have your jacket tied to the front leather fasteners. 

The fasteners are secured through a set of stud buckles, a design re-interpreted from the antique WWII military backpacks. 


Draw-string compartment for sneakers.


The bottom, leather-covered section of the SPACEJUMPER is a zippered compartment, with draw-string dust proof cover that fits sneaker shoes up to men size US10.


Bottom compartment overview, with iPad/tablet compartment.


The flip side of the bottom section is a padded pocket, which fits the 9.7" iPad or similar sized tablets.


Convenient access.


SPACEJUMPER collapsed, reaching for iPad.


The convenience of the SPACEJUMPER is revealed through multiple access points, designed to facilitate gear access when the SPACEJUMPER is converted to different forms.

When the bag is folded and shoulder carried, you can push the leather fasteners away, access the zippered "bottom section" and grab the iPad.


SPACEJUMPER expanded, reaching for wallet.


When the SPACEJUMPER is expanded, you can still use the leather grab handle to "lift" the bottom section, open the zippers and grab what you need with the other hand.


Taking full-frame DSLR out of SPACEJUMPER's back zipper.


In addition, there is a horizontal zippered opening (2017 version enhancement) that leads to "upper section" contents, without having to open the top zippered opening and then reach all the way down to the bottom.

This zippered opening is 30 cm wide with pliable edges, meaning you can access most of the items through this opening, including large DSLR cameras and laptops.


Convenient access.


SPACEJUMPER default size, shoulder carried.


The SPACEJUMPER's shape-shifting nature, from folded compact look to the expanded sack, allows people to carry it in different ways.

The most common style is the expanded, shoulder-carry style. The pliable fabric best communicates the draping silhouette, which is rather uncommon in the realm of men bags.

Such characteristic came from designer Albert's own artistic point of view, consisting of randomness and non-uniformity.


SPACEJUMPER expanded and stuffed, shoulder carried.


For travelling purposes, the SPACEJUMPER can fill up to become a cross shoulder rucksack.


SPACEJUMPER expanded, hand carried.


SPACEJUMPER expanded, over the shoulder.


At the top of the SPACEJUMPER there is a leather grab handle, which allows you to hand-carry the bag when it is expanded.

This grab handle position, along with the 2nd grab handle at the leather portion of the bag, offers steady leverage when stuffing the SPACEJUMPER onto aircraft overhead cabinet.


SPACEJUMPER folded, shoulder carried.


SPACEJUMPER folded, hand carried.


When the SPACEJUMPER is folded, it looks like a totally different bag, with the leather bottom portion facing "towards" the body.

Whether shoulder-carried or hand-carried, the folded SPACEJUMPER looks like an avant-garde bag, with useful zipper openings leading to the folded portion & the leather portion of the bag.


SPACEJUMPER folded, sling carried.


When you fasten the shoulder strap tighter, and utilize the 3-point stabilizing fastener, the SPACEJUMPER will turn into a back sling bag, which can remain stable on your back however you sprint on your bicycle.


3-point stabilization.


alt text


When you are sprinting on a bicycle with your torso leaning down, the body of a shoulder bag can easily slide down to your belly, causing instability.

The common solution with an auxiliary strap for 3-point stabilization requires a quick release buckle, but we felt that it is too "modern" for our taste.

Albert Yuan came up with an ingenious solution.


Leather shoulder straps closeup.


WOTANCRAFT's auxiliary fastener uses thick leather, with small hook buckle attached at the end.

The base end of the fastener will be buckled to the leather shoulder pad, with multiple holes for adjusting length, making sure that the auxiliary strap is not too tight or loose.

NOTE: the SPACEJUMPER and EASY RIDER / NIGHT RIDER bags all have auxiliary strap fasteners, but the EASY RIDER / NIGHT RIDER bags have the auxiliary straps secured to the bag, whereas both ends of the SPACEJUMPER auxiliary strap is secured on top of the leather shoulder pad.



When riding, clip the auxiliary strap to the "stud buckle" on the leather shoulder strap pad.



The auxiliary strap will wrap around the arm, stabilizing the bag to the upper back. This reduces the "bounce" when riding at high speed and the bicycle starts to bump, giving the rider more stability and focus.



alt text


Imagine a piece of military grade Cordura ® fabric, without the synthetic glossiness and look more like cotton fabric, while capable of gradually developing water-washed fading effect.

This idea drove WOTANCRAFT into years of research, and finally in 2014 we came up with the W.A.L waxed canvas, replacing the previous heavy cotton-based wax canvas we used on bags.


W.A.L canvas aged, faded look.


Unlike most Cordura ® based bags, WOTANCRAFT bag owners can enjoy the process of "bag aging".

The surface wax coating will develop scuff and crease marks with every usage, and throughout the years of using W.A.L canvas bags, we found out by surprise that the bag wears into a "cotton fabric bag" look.

The surface of the woven fiber offer uneven chance of wax grinding, the wax substance caught within the weave cavity will have different color depth against the wax that are physically ground.

This gives the W.A.L canvas surface a "denim-like" water washed color pattern with prolonged usage.

W.A.L stands for the 3 key functional features of the fabric:


Water-resistant W.A.L waxed canvas.



The underside of the fabric is laminated with highly cohesive PU (Polyurethane), which stops the water particles even when they seep through the Cordura ® fabric surface, so that they evaporate with time.

In addition, the surface of the fabric is treated with wax layer, so that water drops will be temporarily blocked and be shaken / wiped off.

The wax layer also narrows the stitching holes on the fabric, minimizing the chances of water entering the other side.




Even since its invention in WWII, Cordura ® has always been the NO.1 choice of military surplus manufacturers to create "abrasion-resistant" gear, and many of the US military surplus uses features of the Cordura ® fabric as the general standard.

The Cordura ® 500D that WOTANCRAFT uses can sustain physical abrasion and scuffing from natural environments, as well as scratching from metal objects such as generic keys.

The ultra toughness of the fabric weaving also ensures that the fabric doesn't extend and tear open from the seam stitches due to heavy duty carrying.




From the first generation WOTANCRAFT bags that use 100% cotton waxed canvas, we have listened and integrated the feedback from photographers worldwide, making "lightweight" a top priority in designing our new bags.

The Cordura ® 500D fabric we use is 50% lighter than the previous cotton waxed canvas, while providing way superior toughness and durability.


Hand crunched cowhide leather.


The "bottom section"of the SPACEJUMPER is covered by leather with unevenly corrugated surface, like calm waves in the sea. When you run your fingers across it, the rigidity of the waves whisper a simple fact:

"you have never seen a leather bag like this."

Such artistic feature is done with "hand crunching", a time consuming cowhide leather treatment performed by artisans in a small Italian tannery. You will never find 2 pieces of hand crunched leather with the same pattern.


Battle-distressed cowhide leather.


We use the iconic WOTANCRAFT battle-distressed cowhide leather as accent.

The oil tanning process gives this leather more pliability, as well as providing an unique aesthetic effect:

when you bend the leather, the oil among the leather fibers will be squeezed and shift, causing the surface to manifest a temporary dual-tone color.

Such characteristic is called the "Pull-Up effect", which greatly enhanced the vintage look of the leather.


Back plate logo.


Pull-up effect color creases, aging potential from vegetable-tanning, and coupled with the skin pores and distresses of thick full-grain leather...

these remarkable features give the leather a "vintage soul", which is like nothing you've seen in common chrome-tanned leather materials.

The beauty of this leather is its potential to "mature", thus creating a very personal piece of history, which is something we came to appreciate in faded raw denim and broken-in leather boots.



WOTANCRAFT knew from our camera bag making history that to build a reliable heavy duty bag, the generic poly or cotton based thread simply wouldn't hold.

We've adapted the "Bonded Nylon" thread, a thread type based off the ultra tough Nylon 6.6 fiber with protective coating, capable of sustaining chemical and elemental corrosion, and commonly used on leather products that needs to sustain use and abuse, such as leather boots or saddles.


SPACEJUMPER collapsed, over shoulder carry.


The SPACEJUMPER is well suited to the needs of urban dwellers, where you may not expect the kind of carrying space you need on any given day, and yet you wish to keep things simple and compact. 

The 2017 version of SPACEJUMPER reflects the evolution of our personality:

desire for fluency in performance, greater infatuation with texture, and a deepened belief in our own brand of vintage military aesthetics. 



Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)
expanded exterior: 30 x 20 x 43 cm
folded exterior: 30 x 20 x 12 cm
expanded upper portion interior: 30 x 20 x 30 cm
expanded lower portion interior: 30 x 20 x 8 cm
tablet / iPad compartment: 30 x 20 cm
top zippered opening: 41 cm
back zippered opening: 30 cm

± 1.2 kg


vegetable tanned cowhide leather
cotton fabric lining
high-strength zinc alloy & brass hardware
bronze YKK Zippers with rustproof coating
high-density EVA foam padding (bottom only)


package include:
main bag x1
detachable shoulder strap x1
detachable auxiliary strap x1
cotton dustproof bag x1


If you have any questions regarding the ordering process at WOTANCRAFT, click here for more details.

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