Strap Length
90 ~ 155 cm


± 190 g





Battle-distressed" cowhide leather(CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS)

Reinforced Bonding Nylon 66 Stitching

Cotton Canvas

Distressed, High Integrity Zink Alloy & Brass Metal Accessories




Package Include


Shoulder Strap (for Accessory Pouch) x1



Q & A


Q:  How to correctly install this strap?


A:  Tunnel the strap through the strap opening on the backside of the pouch, then buckle the leather end on to the D-ring end of the strap.

Take note: The nub faces outwards.


Q:  The hole on the leather end of the strap is smaller than the nub, is this normal?


A:  Yes, it is normal. Put half of the nub through the hole and apply pressure around the hole until the nub fits through.


Q:  Is the should strap adjustable?


A:  Yes, the total length can be adjusted from 90cm to 155cm.



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