When Apple Watch straps are purchased, connectors will be included. Please select your connectors from "OPTIONAL COMBO".

The "Hand Dyed Gradient Leather Strap Series" is designed especially for Apple Watch. We customize straps for the 1st gen to the latest. Please scroll up to "Select Style" and choose the corresponding size which will suit your Apple Watch or scroll down to "Write to us" and let us know how you would like to customize the strap.


Below are the instructions for "SELECT STYLE" option:


1. Prepare a measuring tape with unit in centimeter (cm).
If one is not available, you can measure with any cord item then compare against a straight ruler.
2. Wrap the measuring tape against your wrist where you normally wear your watch.
3. Adjust the tightness of the measuring tape wrap to obtain a suitable wrist circumference.


alt text


Then choose your APPLE WATCH casing size, their widths are either 38mm or 42mm.


alt text

If you can’t find the suitable sizes for your strap, please click “WRITE TO US” and let us know your watch model and needs.


black soft fiber strap holder x1
If you have any questions regarding the ordering process at WOTANCRAFT, click here for more details.

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