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military soul.


About Wotancraft


In Chinese, 沃坦 sounds identical to the deity WOTAN, the god of war and wisdom in western mythology, origin of the term Wednesday (WOTAN’s day). This translation reflects WOTANCRAFTs dedication towards wartime relics and military theme.

WOTANCRAFT leather workshop was founded in 2009 Taipei City, a creative space to serve the founding artisan’s passion for vintage military themes. The debut lineup of handmade camera bags are inspired by WWII era Swiss army equipments, which set the tone for all future WOTANCRAFT bags:

Sturdy full-grain cowhide leather, tear-resistant CORDURA ® waxed canvas, reliable craftsmanship, and "vintage military" aesthetics.





“I love the time-eroded colors and textures in vintage culture, so I apply them to the disarrayed, unconformed shapes I have in my head.

I want to create something beautiful. My bros at WOTANCRAFT gave me the chance to fulfill the utmost extent of my creativity. I’m really lucky to have their support.”

ALBERT  |  designer


WOTANCRAFT aims at creating the best of vintage aesthetics through custom made hardware & vegetable tanned leather, blending the scrutiny of old-school craftsmanship with personal taste for antique, distressed look.

Founded in 2009, Taipei City, Taiwan, WOTANCRAFT has one target: focus on what we want to do, and fight hard for it.

Our creations are driven by strong persistence in personal taste and needs; this quality is reflected in WOTANCRAFT’s refinement of techniques, and continuous improvement of existing creations.

WOTANCRAFT respects communication, and fulfills commitment. We make purchase experiences simple yet assuring, and we stand behind our products & services after transaction.

Doing business is establishing relationships, and we do cherish such relationships.



Brand timeline:



WOTANCRAFT workshop was founded in Taipei City.


The first lineup of vintage-military themed camera bags were released, selling via official website.


RYKER bag was praised by review website as Steve’s NO.1 favourite camera bag.

Collaborated with Swiss watch manufacturer Zenith of LVMH, creating Flieger-style bund leather strap design for their special edition timepiece: PILOT Type 20 GMT “1903”.


Collaborated with Scottish whiskey brand Highland Park, creating full leather / silver “Valhalla” whiskey set collection.


Collaborated with Leica camera, creating full leather pouches for the official release of “Leica Sofort”.

Grand opening of the WOTANCRAFT Taipei showroom, an interior space conceptualized by Albert Yuan, which won the 2016 RedDot Award for Communication Design.


WOTANCRAFT camera bags were displayed in 8 Leica Stores worldwide, including Paris, Hong Kong and Taipei.

Taipei showrrom won the 2017 Taiwan Interior Design award & 2017 Japan Good Design award.


Sony Singapore chose WOTANCRAFT camera bags for their VVIP Prestige Reward program.

WOTANCRAFT camera bags displayed in Leica Store Seoul, the largest Leica Store in Asia Pacific region.


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