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The Front Bottle Pouch can hold a 600ml water bottle and is fixed with a Velcro strap. As long as the size of the handlebar is suitable, it can be used on different bicycle models.

There is a soft cushion on the side seam near the handlebar on the bag body, suitable for bikes with special handlebar designs such as Birdy.

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The Wotancraft Phone, and Coin Pouch Add-on Modules can be attached to the MOLLE (Click here for optional Add-on Modules)


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Exterior (H x Ø)
19.5 x 10 cm / 7.7 x 3.9 inch


Can fit a 600ml bottle



4 Slot Vertical Loop Strip (on both sides)
Width 2.4 cm / 0.9 inch
Slot opening 3 cm / 1.2 inch



± 80 g / 0.18 lbs





Water Repellent Fabric made from Nylon 6 Yarn

Ultra-strength bonded Nylon 6,6 thread



Package include


Front Bottle Pouch x1

Stabilizing Straps x1



Q & A


Q:  Is there warranty to Wotancraft bags?


A:  All Wotancraft products have a 3-year warranty period (“CLICK HERE” for more details).



Q:  Can this set be installed on other bikes?


A:  Please refer to the specs, if your bike specs are within range then they should fit.



Q:  Will the bag swing around during a ride?


A:  As long as the straps are adjusted to the correct tightness, the Bottle Pouch will sit tightly during rides.



Q:  Is this bag waterproof?


A:  The bag is water resistant, with Teflon water repellent coating on the outside of the fabric, and PU coating on the inside.



If you have any questions regarding the ordering process at WOTANCRAFT, click here for more details.

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