WOTANCRAFT started the business making wrist watch straps, so we know the very subtle differences among various types of materials, and how well they accommodate your wrist

here's how to select your best fit:

the first two numbers in the selection (eg. 24-24) tells you the strap width at watchcase end (24mm) and buckle end (24mm). Measure the current strap width of your watch to determine what's the best fit

the following numbers (eg. 75-125mm) tells you the buckle end (75mm) and tail end (125mm) strap length. Usually we have 2 sizes for strap length, here's the suggested fitting:

wrist circumference 16~18cm:
shorter size (eg. 75-125mm)

wrist circumference over 17cm:
longer size (eg. 80-130mm)

you can write to us (see WRITE TO US at the very bottom of this page) to inquire what is the best recommendation for your wristwatch, or if you need some unique spec for your watch that can't be found among existing selection

wax infused nylon strap to prevent salt water abrasion, authentically replicating the wartime military surplus accessory for Panerai assault equipments
316L stainless steel buckle, same material as Panerai watch cases

WOTANCRAFT leather watch strap
steel lug tubes for Panerai
black soft fiber strap holder
cotton dustproof bag x1
S.L.C torpedo bottle opener

If you have any questions regarding the ordering process at WOTANCRAFT, click here for more details.

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