Body dimensions (not including pockets)
30 x 14.5 x 42 cm


Main compartment
26 x 14 x 38 cm


14L capacity, can fit A4 size files, 16 inch MacBook Pro (CLICK HERE to compare Macbook sizes)

With the optional “MAGICIAN CAMERA / LENS WRAP”, the Rebel can also function as a camera bag. Can fit Leica M series / Mirrorless Systems, even APS-C DSLRs (CLICK HERE for optional components)


Front pocket
16 x 27 x 7 cm


Can fit a 500ml water bottle


Side pocket x 2
26 cm


Can fit power banks, sunglass cases, wallets, foldable umbrella, etc. The zipper openings are hidden on the back of the bag.


Top lid pocket
29 x 16 cm


Can fit A6 size memos, sunglasses, small cameras such as Fujifilm X100, SONY RX 100, RICOH GR III, etc.


Adjustable padded shoulder straps x 2
72 ~ 100 cm


Can use the buckles on the end to adjust the strap length. Also, by taking off one side of the strap, the backpack can turn into a sling bag.


± 1.05 kg





A light weight body + specially designed weight distributing shoulder strap system makes it easier on the shoulders even carrying the backpack for a long period of time

2 hidden side zipper pockets open towards the back of the bag, making it hard to located from the front and side of the bag

The shoulder strap design is derived from WWII Swiss Army "Salt & Pepper" rucksack, using metal pin buckles to adjust the length. The straps can be fully detached for easy maintenance / replacement.

The pair of front leather straps can strap a coat or a tripod tightly in place

The interior back board is lined with medical grade Velcro, compatible with our optional Velcro Pocket Modules (CLICK HERE)

Optional Magician Camera / Lens Wrap to protect your camera / lenses are available in 3 sizes (CLICK HERE)





Nylon 6,6 yarn Cordura ® 500D tear-proof waxed canvas(click to see more)

"Battle-distressed" cowhide leather (CLICK HERE to see more)

Ultra-strength bonded Nylon 6,6 thread

Medical grade durable micro-fiber lining, less likely to fuzz after Velcro attachments

Cotton fabric lining

Zinc alloy & brass hardware, with vintage finish

high-density EVA foam padding (for bag & dividers)

YKK Aquaguard zippers



Package Include


main bag x1

cotton dustproof bag x1



Q & A


Q: What is the warranty period for WOTANCRAFT creations?


A: WOTANCRAFT creations have a 3 year warranty period. (CLICK HERE for further details)


Q: Can this bag fit a laptop?


A: Yes, it can fit up to a 16inch MacBook Pro. The bag does not have a laptop compartment so please place with caution.(CLICK HERE for MacBook size comparison)


Q: Can the main compartment fit A4 size files?


A: Yes.


Q: Is this bag compatible with the Wotancraft Velcro Pocket Modules?


A: The interior backboard can attach WOTANCRAFT “Interior Module” Velcro Pockets on it. (CLICK HERE for Optional Module System)

backboard is 24 x 38cm, can fit 4 M size modules or 8 S size modules.


Q: The nub hole on the leather lid straps are actually smaller than the nubs, is this normal?


A: Yes, it is normal. You can fit half of the nub into the hole and apply some pressure with your fingers and the nub will slip through.


Q: Is this bag waterproof?


A: We've tested wearing the bag outdoors in pouring rain for over an hour, and the bag remains dry on the inside.

If you want to know more about the water resistance of our canvas, click here.


Q: Is the leather water proof?


A: No, but it is water repellent for a short while. When water is collected on the leather surface, the water will eventually seep through. Just in case the bag gets wet, please take reference from the next Q & A question “Leather Maintenance”.


Q: How do I maintain the leather parts?


A: “CLICK HERE” for more leather maintenance information.



If you have any questions regarding the ordering process at WOTANCRAFT, click here for more details.

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