For street

WOTANCRAFT full leather camera bag RYKER


What stops you from pursuing the fun of street photography?

For many people, the biggest challenge is the defensiveness of your subject the moment they see a camera pointing at them.

To make your way around people's basic instinct, "subtlety" is key. And that's what the WOTANCRAFT PYTHON camera holster is made for: to capture people and moments in an unobtrusive manner.

Learn to
"shoot blind"

WOTANCRAFT full leather camera bag RYKER


With wide angle lens, small aperture, quick shutter speed, auto ISO and the WOTANCRAFT PYTHON camera holster, you can now begin "shooting blind"- point & shoot without having to use monitor or viewfinder.

PYTHON holster brings your camera view down to waist angle, where you can causually lay your right hand on top of the camera, and snap away.

With the cutouts at the shutter button and lens mount area, you have the ability to shoot / adjust aperature ring & focus ring all without taking the camera out of the holster.

Designed for
Leica M cameras

WOTANCRAFT full leather camera bag RYKER


The PYTHON is made for Leica M digital series camera in mind, so compared to previous WOTANCRAFT camera holsters, the PYTHON now adds a flexible "cushion padding", to make up for the thickness differences of the Leica M cameras.

Ranging from M240 to the latest M10, all Leica M cameras should feel righ at home in the PYTHON camera holster.


WOTANCRAFT full leather camera bag RYKER

"Luxury goods"

WOTANCRAFT full leather camera bag RYKER


With over 10 years of watch strap making experience, WOTANCRAFT knows that "vegetable tanned + full grain" leather makes the best durable material worthy of WOTANCRAFT creations.

PYTHON camera holster uses 2 types of leather: skin smooth pebble grained cowhide, and 2-tone brown leather with subtle surface sheen.

WOTANCRAFT only orders thickest "full-grain" leather from tanneries worldwide, preserving the top layers with the most sturdy fiber structure, then trimming the leather from bottom up subject to the usage at different areas, ensuring all leather pieces have the right tenacity to sustain use and abuse.

Users will all agree that the leather on WOTANCRAFT creations will gradually develop beautiful "crease patina", and becuase the leather preserves the toughest layer of fiber, it will not "wrinkle and shrivel".


WOTANCRAFT full leather camera bag RYKER


Even for the small details like the "lens cap slot", WOTANCRAFT applies an anti-slippery lining material called the Hypalon ®, an industrial grade rubber material that doesn't crack or break down.

Its anti-slippery nature has good grip to keep your lens cap in place, but unlike regular anti-slippery materials, it also has a rather smooth surface that matches to the luxury sensation of the holster.

Fits Leica M digital camera, with "cushion padding" to make up for the thickness difference among Leica M versions

Adjustable shoulder strap length

Leather lens cap slot with anti-slippery Hypalon ® lining


Vegetable tanned pebble grain cowhide

Vegetable tanned 2-tone cowhide

Ultra-strength bonded Nylon 6,6 thread

Hypalon ® lining (lens cap slot)

high-strength zinc alloy & brass hardware

Latex foam padding

WOTANCRAFT full leather camera holster PYTHON

Weight: ± 0.3 kg

Product include:

camera holster x1

cotton dustproof bag x1



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