12 x 8.5 x 11 cm


Main Compartment
11 x 7.5 x 10 cm


Can fit a wallet, keys, and also Ricoh GR III


Interior card slot
10 x 5 cm


Can fit a credit card


Shoulder strap opening
5.5 cm


± 100 g





Fits on Rider Series bags, able to be added according to own needs

When the shoulder strap is added, it becomes an individual sling bag (CLICK HERE FOR THE OPTIONAL STRAP)





Nylon 6,6 yarn Cordura ® 500D tear-proof waxed canvas(CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS)

"Battle-distressed" cowhide leather(CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS)

Hand-crunched Italian cowhide (CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS)

Reinforced Bonding Nylon 66 Stitching

Cotton Fabric Lining

Distressed, High Integrity Zink Alloy & Brass Metal Accessories

High Density EVA Shock Absorbent Foam Padding

YKK METALUXE ® Fin type zippers, with metallic shin



Package Include




Note: This bag does not include shoulder straps. CLICK HERE for Optional Combos.



Q & A


Q:  Is this bag able to fit a camera?


A:  Camera sizes such as the Ricoh GRIII are able to fit into the pouch with ease. (Take note that the pouch interior is not surrounded by shock absorbent padding, thus be careful when carrying a camera.)


Q:  Is this pouch able to be used individually?


A:  Yes, it could be used individually as a travel / toiletry pouch.


Q:  Is there any way to use this pouch other than a travel / toiletry pouch?


A:  After adding the optional strap, it can be used as a sling bag. (CLICK HERE FOR THE OPTIONAL STRAP)


Q:  Is this pouch only compatible with the Rider Series?


A:  The pouch’s strap opening is 5.5cm, thus straps under this width could fit through. Please be aware of the opening direction when unzipping the pouch, items might fall out if the opening is facing downwards.


Q:  Is the pouch Velcro friendly? Is it compatible with the Wotancraft Interior Modules?


A:  The lining for this pouch is cotton canvas, thus is not Velcro friendly and not compatible with the Wotancraft Interior Modules.


Q:  Is this pouch waterproof?


A:  This pouch is water repellent, but take caution that the leather outside is not. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS)


Q:  What can I do if the leather gets wet?


A:  If the leather gets wet, please let it dry in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight might cause the leather to dry out, harden and crack due to the lost of oils in between the leather fibers. (PLEASE READ THE NEXT Q&A QUESTION ABOUT “LEATHER MAINTENANCE)


Q:  How to maintain the leather and things to take note of?


A:   Click here for details.



If you have any questions regarding the ordering process at WOTANCRAFT, click here for more details.

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