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Nano Silver



When in contact with bacteria and fungus, nano silver inhibits multiplication and growth of those bacteria and fungi, preventing infection, odors, itchiness and sores. Nano silver is mostly integrated in masks, socks, air fresheners, etc..




Wotancraft Watch Straps
STC Nano Silver

Wotancraft Odorless Straps


Wotancraft uses SGS tested and approved STC Nanotech Nano Silver Fabric which inhibits up to 99% of bacteria growth.






Collaborating with STC, Wotancraft has made the world’s first “Nano Silver Odorless Leather Strap”.


The Wotancraft team has been testing out straps with sewn in nano silver fabric. These tests were conducted for at least 3 months. The final results were promising. The straps remained odorless.


To further prove that the nano silver fabric works on Wotancraft straps, we invited 50 of our fellow customers to try out these straps. After 3 months, the customers’ feedbacks were positive. The straps remained odorless as well.


The results of test subjects:



Currently, all Wotancraft straps are sewn with a layer of STC nano silver fabric, making Wotancraft straps suitable to wear even during summertime.


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Nano Silver Q & A


Q:  How long does nano silver stay effective?


A:  Usually 3 years, depends on surrounding enviornments.



Q:  How to maintain nano silver straps?


A:  Just like any other leather straps, avoid direct sunlight and wipe off excessive water.



Q:  Will nano silver cause any effects on the human body?


A:  Unable to penetrate through the leather strap, the nano silver fabric will remain safe under normal usage.



Q:  What kind of odors can nano silver prevent other than sweat odors?


A:  Every kind of odors bred from bacteria can be prevented.

Human sweat is actually odorless, but when in contact with high temperatures or high humidity, bacteria will start breeding. Nano silver prevents bacteria growth effectively, leaving you just the nice smell of leather.


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