A reliable piece of fabric that offers 360 degrees protection against bumps or scratches.

Whatever it is that you need to safeguard, wrap it up and throw it inside your bag. Fast, easy and inconspicuous.






Your gear is embraced by high sensitivity memory foam padding, a unique cushion material that delivers both shock-absorbing functionality and pliability, molding into the shape of your gear to minimize protective blind spot.





MAGICIAN uses high density short hook velcro material to firmly hold the wrap together.

The velcro would not be torn open easily with horizontal shifting, yet it can be smoothly detached vertically.

The short hooks prevent fabric tearing (as opposed to the common long hook velcro), prolonging the life span of the fabric's cohesive nature.




With the MAGICIAN, any bag can be turned into a camera bag. With one end of the wrap cloth unattached and folded backwards, you get a convenient camera insert that accommodates your gear with 100% size precision.

Furthermore, thanks to the flexibility of the velcro compatible cloth fabric, you can configure the wrap cloth anyway you like, use it as iPad sleeve, travel holder for wrist watches... the possibilities are as limitless as your creativity.



Max capacity
Full-frame mirrorless camera with lens

expanded exterior (W x D):  37.5 x 37.5 cm


vegetable tanned cowhide logo tag
memory foam padding
velveteen lining
high strength velcro compatible cloth

Package include
camera / lens wrap x1