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Pilot Travel Camera Bag Upgraded



Feel the Smoothness in Action


When the Pilot was dropped in 2020, it was already a highly completed piece of gear in all aspects. At the end of 2021, It was also an honor to be selected as Gear of the Year 2021 by DPReview. Even so, we still wanted to propel the Pilot to the next level. Thus, near the end of 2022, we upgraded the entire Pilot Series and introduced the Pilot 2L & 3.5L to the family.

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Pilot Series Upgraded Introduction





New Commander Travel Camera Backpack



Live Your Adventure


Inheriting the WWII Swiss Military "Salt & Pepper" Rucksack's vintage aesthetics throughout the Commander's 1st to the newest version, we have enhanced the "practicality" of the 2022 Commander whilst still maintaining its rugged retro vibes.

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New Commander Travel Camera Backpack





Brompton Bag Series



Easy Access, Multipurpose


After launching the Pilot for Brompton bag in 2020, Wotancraft has officially stepped into the world of Brompton bags. Then, there were designs such as the Pioneer Adventure Series and the Y-Bag Mini Basket Bag for Brompton.

More bicycle bag designs (not just for Bromptons) will be dropped in the near future, stay tuned!

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Bicycle Bag Series





Custom Watch Straps



Founded in 2009, Wotancraft was known for its customized watch straps. The unique design is deeply loved by watch fans. With over 50 types of leather, watch straps could be customized according to the customer's requests. In-stock straps are also available and could be dispatched within 48 hours.

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In-Stock Watch Straps

Contact Us For Customization



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