Functional Vintage


Seashell flap.


” Just a camera bag is not enough for me. I want a bag that 'fits' into my daily life, accommodating different scenarios, whether it's photography, travel, or work.”

Chief Designer Albert Yuan


Zipperless Seashell Flap Design


Seashell flap.


As Leica M users, WOTANCRAFT is always aware that "zipperless" bags are the preferred option, to avoid even the slightest possibility of gear scuffing.

However, as bag makers, we never could ignore that most zipperless flap designs "don't close properly at the sides".

We wanted to mix "roll-top" security and "zipperless" convenience. And now, Albert Yuan finally made it happen.


alt text


The curved, tapered flap wraps all the way to the left and right edges, so the sides are gap-free when the flap is closed, just as you would expect from a "roll-top" flap design.



As the flap closes, a "threshold" lowers to cover up 1/3 of the bag opening, and the overlapping main flap secures the remaining 2/3.

Remember, this is all done with "one single flap", and executed without complication.


Flap magnets.


"Seashell Flap" has 2 sets of magnets embedded at the left and right edges, to better ensure a tight edge closure.



When you reach for your gear, the "Seashell Flap" opening is just as convenient as any other bag with a zipperless opening.


Interior Pocket Modules


Interior Module.


"What if, instead of having built-in pockets, iPad compartments, pen slots... etc, we just give people a blank canvas, so they can design their own pocket placement?"

"Interior Module". It's such a simple Velcro hook-and-loop application, we wonder why no one fully cultivated the potentials.



"Modular" concept is derived from military equipment (backpacks & tactical vests), turning sewed-in pockets into independent "module" accessories so that each person can mount / dismount the right module for the mission at hand.


Medical grade micro-fiber lining, Velcro hook compatible.


WOTANCRAFT spent over 2 years field testing the "Interior Module" concept, refining it till we know it "works" in the long run.

We use medical grade micro-fiber cloth as the Velcro-compatible lining, with enhanced "fiber loop retention".

In addition, we've selected "short hook" injection molded Velcro, as opposed to traditional "long hook" Velcro, to minimize tearing.

This means when you apply & tear velcro pads, WOTANCRAFT bag lining is less likely to develop a frizzy surface, therefore the lining can remain cohesive for a longer period of time.


Interior Module accessory lineup.


You can use WOTANCRAFT modules on ALL velcro compatible bags, including a wide variety of camera bags in the market.

See the "OPTIONAL COMBO" menu on the top and bottom of this page for a list of modules available. The lineup of WOTANCRAFT module accessories available will start from basic needs such as SD card pockets, battery pockets, pen pockets, utility pouches... towards more specific requirements that stem from your own personal preference.

WOTANCRAFT's "Interior Module" system doesn't stop here. Tell us what you are looking for, so we can turn it into reality.


alt text


Compare a TROOPER to other bags out there, you will notice that it has a sophisticated "balance": the TROOPER looks low-key, unobtrusive... and yet, it stands out to you unlike any other.

It has everything you need, possibly more with the upcoming expansion of the "Interior Module" system, and it definitely gets better with age.