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Blueprint Bag



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Muse 施工圖說夾層



“A compartment specially made to prevent blueprints from getting creased”


Pull out completely flat blueprints in business meetings and construction sites.


The “MUSE” Series provides a “Blueprint Compartment” for designers. MUSE XL size can fit up to A3 size blueprints. Magnets inside the compartment hold blueprints in place and prevent them from sliding around.




Muse 展開圖



“ Locate your work tools at first glance”


The MUSE Designer Bag has a 180 degrees open-angle and organized interior layout allowing you to locate your work tools at first glance (engineer pens, documents, measuring tape... etc.).

CORDURA ® 500D Anit-Tear Waxed Canvas is durable enough to adapt to harsh working environments.







“CLICK HERE” to view the MUSE Series




Muse 三個尺寸



Find Your “MUSE”



There are 3 sizes for the “MUSE Designer Bag”:

M size, suitable for proposal cases. Can fit up to 30 pages of A4 documents. (CLICK HERE for more details)


L size, suitable for a single project. Can fit A4 documents/sketchbooks/folders.(CLICK HERE for more details)



XL size, Suitable for multiple projects. Can fit large quantities of documents up to A3 size documents/sketchbooks/drafts. (CLICK HERE for more details)





Muse 模組




All 3 sizes have specified compartments for tools (engineer pens, documents, measuring tape... etc.).

The Velcro mechanism allows you to adjust your tools according to your own needs.

You can order velcro-based add-on pockets (Interior Modules) suitable for interior design use to further organize your bag interior, CLICK HERE to see optional combo menu.