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Shoot Raw
Shoot Raw #1
"I just want to feel my teeth against the warmth of what truly matters."

"Shoot Raw" is a project presented by director David Chan and photographer Ernie Chang, visualizing the manic nature of WOTANCRAFT's latest creation concept.
Shoot Raw #2
"I know who I am, and when I look someone in the eye, I know who they really are. People hide themselves and make it hard for me to connect with them."
Shoot Raw #3
"I will not allow that."
Shoot Raw #4
2017 WOTANCRAFT creations manifest designer Albert Yuan's most intimate values, creating unpredictable contours that symbolize personal state of mind, while solidly delivering WOTANCRAFT's iconic militaria aesthetics.
Shoot Raw #5
Shoot Raw #6
"I feel like I'm leading the camera to focus and reflect my inner self, my power and fragility, all that which made me a unique person."

Masha Sher, model / actress
Shoot Raw #7
"It's hard for me to be moderate. I love creating content to the extent where people who resonate with it will love it, and others will hate it. Its not often I get to work on a project so visceral and impulsive."

Ernie Chang, photographer
Shoot Raw #8
Shoot Raw #9
"Dare yourself to shoot something different. Whether it's rage of desparity, every emotion tells a story."

David Chan, director
Shoot Raw #10
director: David Chan
photographer: Ernie Chang
cast: Masha Sher / Oscar Lin
hair / makeup: Yen-Ting Yang
stylist: fan +
director of photography: Saint Lin